Wrapping Cars

On the roads today an increasing number of cars and other vehicles can be seen wrapped rather than have their paint exposed to the elements. Although in many instances, especially for vans and trucks, the vehicles may be wrapped in order to advertise their owner’s businesses, others are wrapped purely for preference.

There is little doubt that using a wrap on a vehicle in order to advertise is a very effective and relatively cheap marketing strategy which has resulted in drives along a road becoming far more colourful experiences than what they once were, with nearly every other goods vehicle being wrapped in bright vinyl displaying business names, logos or associated banners. The wrapping of vehicles has now spread through to private cars but not for advertising purposes but due to the other benefits wrapping offers over the painting.

The idea of car wraps is growing in popularity, perhaps not only for the bright colors they can offer but also because wrapping a car can be half the price of repainting it. Although of course the actual costs of wrapping and painting a car will very much depend on how much each of the relevant professionals charge and the quality and therefore the cost of the materials they use but on average, wrapping a car is half as expensive as repainting it, perhaps $5000 instead of $1000 for a top quality, professional job. Also, vinyl wraps offer far more choices in colors or mixes of colors than traditional car paints do.

Financial considerations are always forefront in people’s minds today and so wraps can benefit in financially, more than just in their initial wrapping. As the vinyl used in car wraps is very rugged and tough, it will probably last twice as long as repainting will before it needs to be replaced which means it can increase the resale value of a car if the owner wished to sell it. One of the features of vinyl’s toughness is that the colors do not fade due to excessive sunlight, something even the best of paints cannot claim. Vinyl is also tough enough to withstand chipping in situations where paint would chip, making it unsightly and making the car look far less impressive than it otherwise would.

Time today is also an important asset and as wrapping a car, on average, takes half the time painting it would, wrapping affords yet one more saving over repainting. With the option to wrap a car instead of painting it is widely available, many people are using the opportunity to customize their cars, making them look even more impressive than they ordinarily would in the manufacturer’s options of colors. Banners, logos, animals or even self-portraits can be made from vinyl an included in a car’s finished look, providing a unique and personalization that has never been possible before. It can, of course, give some added pleasure to know that they are also contributing to someone else’s very colorful drive, brightening others days as well as their own.