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Types of Refrigerator

Types of refrigerators can be first placed into two categories, first counter depth refrigerators and second, all others. The counter depth refrigerator is the most popular as it has a depth of around 24 inches in order to be compatible with most kitchen cabinets and therefore look in place in any kitchen as if it belonged there. Other refrigerators may come in various depths and are usually only bought when the refrigerator is planned to be placed somewhere other than the kitchen.

The counter depth refrigerators are therefore the most popular but there are several types of these, as well of course as various sizes. The different types are recognized by the number and types of doors they have and each type can have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Perhaps the most common type is a double door refrigerator with the main door opening up into the refrigerator compartment whilst the second door opens up the freezer. The freezers on these types of refrigerators may either be on the top or on the bottom, depending on your preference which will usually depend on which you would want quick and easy access to – the refrigerator or the freezer.

Another type of refrigerator is one which has a single door for both refrigerator and freezer. These do not seem that popular as they usually only have a small freezer compartment but are perhaps ideal for storing small amounts of ice for those people that have a separate freezer to store their other needs.

A more recent addition to these two is the refrigerators which have what are known as French doors. These are twin door refrigerators, each of which opens up into its own compartment. These can be considered as energy saving doors as when one is opened it does not affect the temperature in the other compartment. These types do in fact have three doors in total as the freezer of course also has its own door.

All these types of refrigerators come in various sizes to suit different people’s needs and budgets but often people will also take into consideration brand names. There are several manufacturers of refrigerators and you can see which ones appear to be the most reliable by looming online at reviews. Best counter depth french door refrigerator may be the heading on one of the review websites you would want to look at but there will be many different review website which can help you decide which brand you would prefer.

A refrigerator is an appliance which will probably be used more often than any other in your kitchen and so you would want to buy one which not only looks good but is also efficient and of course cost effective in keeping your groceries cold and fresh. Although refrigerators could be different colors, most are usually white, cream or metallic as these are considered to be colors which can match most kitchen decors without looking out of place or obtrusive in any way.